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Monday, November 29, 2010

Made it Monday - Card Holder $1 Style!

Hello friends!  It's nice to be back ... and back on schedule.  I hate being off schedule.  Today I am sharing my entry into Fireflies & Jellybean's Iron Crafter.  One of them...If I have time there is something else I want to do too. 

I saw this in the Lillian Vernon catalog.
While it's not really expensive I knew that I could make it for way less. (It retails for $19.99)  The only difference between the two is Lillian's is 'leatherette' and mine is felt.  Oh and mine costs about $1 to make.  

 I haven't officially decided where to hang this so just to get a picture I draped it over my {beautiful} kitchen cabinets.  Bear with me. 
And because I haven't received any Christmas cards yet (if it's because I'm lame don't tell me...just let me think it's because it's early) :) I had to use some note cards I made for my MIL.

The cord/rope I got at the dollar store along with the clothes pins.  It's hard to tell in the pictures but the cord is kind of candy cane like. 

You know for a quick and super cheap craft -- I like it.

I esp. love the little lines on the bulb base.  {Here is my technical description...get ready for it....} You know the little grooves on the part that screws into the light?  {Somebody please help!} The grey part.  How about that?
And this is one of my favorite cards in her note card pack.  She is very active in her church and they do Secret Sisters alot so I thought note cards to tuck inside would be perfect.

This was super easy, come back for step by step how to's!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Made it Monday - Mini Boden Knock off

Joshua saw this picture in my Mini Boden catalog {Which I have addressed to Countess by the way...just because I thought it was funny}.  I liked the one with the computer on it that said play.  But boys will be boys.

Tonight I had that urge.  You know where you want to make something. 

{Excuse the picture...I told the kid to smile and got this...}
His is green, of course, and tonight I'm going to hand sew a few bubbles on.  {And I'm thinking of adding something on the back.  Maybe..}  But he was so excited to put it on. And he can't wait to wear it tomorrow.  Which makes me feel good. :)

I'm loving him in all his toothless wonder right now.  Well I love him all the time but now he makes me kind of chuckle. :)

And guess what I'm doing tomorrow?  I'm posting over at This & That Creative.  And I will be every Tuesday.  That's right --- they invited me to  "join their team".  Yup that's what they said.  I feel like the popular girls just asked me to sit at their table at lunch. :)

{Really I was cool in school...I was!}

I'm going to try to put up my pattern tomorrow for you guys to make your own BURP shirt. If I can figure this whole technology thing out!  Guess what turkey day is this week! YUMM.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Made it Monday 2 - Coupon Organizer

I've show or not to show....

I need to be a better couponer.  I envy those who go and get $5000 worth of food for a nickle.  How do they do that?  One thing that frustrates me is my envelope of coupons.  I have to sift through it when I go through each aisle.  Grrrrr.....  I needed a way to organize my coupons.  I am making 4 'envelopes' of coupons.  {Cleaning supplies, Food, Personal Items, and Other}  In each envelope are other sub-categories. 

 This is the first one that I whipped up tonight.  {This one holds my cleaning coupons} There are a few minor mistakes {only I notice and of course the super fabulous sewers out there who probably laugh at me anyways!}.  I used all blue fabrics {The outside one is one of my fave fabrics...and most of why my mistakes are here! I was a little short on this fabric but determined to use it!!!} and labeled each sub category envelope.  There are 2 pockets inside too.  The front pocket will hold coupons that I pull out to use.  The back envelope is uh just there.  :) I'm sure something will go in there. 

{pocket one}

{pocket 2}

{the middle 'pages'}

Does anyone want a tutorial on these?  Let me know! Thursday I will have coupon tips coming!!

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Also showing on Homebody! :)

Here are my categories:
Cleaning Envelope
Dishes - {Dish soap, Dishwasher tablets, Dishwasher cleaner and so forth..}
Laundry - {Detergent, Dryer sheets, Stain remover..}
General - {General cleaning products}
Smelly - {All the Febreeze and candles and things.  There always seem to be a ton of coupons for those!}

Refrigerator items - {Pilsbury, cheese, yogurts..}
Canned foods
Box items

Personal Items
Hair - {Shampoo, conditioner, styling products, hair dye}
Teeth - {Toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrushes}
Skin - {Razors, Shaving Cream, Lotion, Deodorant}
Soaps - {Hand soap, Body Wash}
Other - {Bubble bath}

Paper products - {TP, paper towels}
Kitchen Aids - {baggies, wax paper, cupcake liners, Tupperware containers}

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Made it Monday 1 - Tea Wallet

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  So I'm sharing 2 made its with you this week.  The first is a Christmas gift I made for my step mom.  A tea wallet.  I saw one of these somewhere {blog, book, TV??? I don't remember} probably a year or two ago.  And thought of her.  And it's been on my to do list ever since. 

And then I got this tea fabric by Michael Miller and it's still been sitting there waiting. {Don't you love the tea bag on the back?}   But I finally did it.  And I don't know why it took so long.  It took seriously about 25 minutes.  This would also make a cute business card holder!

{Please ignore the fact that it has ice tea bags in there! I need to go get some yummy teas to stuff inside!} :)

Tutorial will be here tomorrow!!
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P.S. I know these pictures are um fabulous.  And my background...Yea.  But for those of you wondering what the heck that cute little tea wallet is laying on it is an old bath mat.  I got tired of taking my ironing board up and down {well, let's be honest it just stayed up} so I got an old bath mat.  {Just the kind you stand on when you get out.  This one is from target.} That's now what I iron on.  Roll it up.  Store it.  Pull it out.  2 seconds.  Not a lot of room.  Love it. :)


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Made It Monday - Bathroom Subway Art

First some pictures of Joshua's bathroom as is.

Pretty Boring huh?  And those cabinets.  YUCK. But typical apartment right?  Our old house that we rented was a billion year old farm house.  And only had 1 bathroom.  So I haven't really decorated per say Joshua's bathroom.  {It's so nice to have bath tubs again...}

But I did find this at Kohls (it's by Jumping Beans) on clearance.  $17.  It was $44.  And my best friend Katie bought the whole collection a few weeks before.  Ha.  :)

Isn't it cute?  And look at the shower curtain holders (technical term please??)

But here is where Katie gets her HA on me.  The downside to buying clearance is that the accessories are gone.  I need to google online.  I did have a Kleenex box that went with the monster theme!

But no fear because I made some subway art to go up in the bathroom.

That's what it looks like near the shower curtain {and you just have to pretend it is hanging up} :)

I painted it on canvas.  And, well, I like it.  You like how the last S in floss is upside down?  Yea.  Me too.  It -uh- adds charm.  Right. :)

Well, I guess I should have put on there put clothes in hamper.  Or at least pick clothes off of floor.
I will be linking up to my parties.   See you tomorrow for the how to!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Made It Monday - Mario Style

First.  This is Josh.
What?  You didn't get his full on cuteness?

Yup, cute.  {Sorry I can't help myself.}
Josh likes:

no, he loves his DS. 
{Any parent who has one --- I highly suggest getting one of these Nerf cases.  You can throw it at the wall and it will bounce back without a scratch.  But don't try throwing it ok?}

And I, happen to have slight control issues.  Which brings me to my Christmas tree.  I decorate in themes.  And Christmas is to broad of a theme for me.  So this year everything will be the 12 Days of Christmas.  {I've got way cool projects planned if I do say so myself}.  But for Joshua I let him have his own "cool" tree {Andy hates my theme decorating}.  This year I am making Joshua a Mario tree.  I've started the ornaments. 

I have printed off pictures of Mario, Luigi (duh), Peach, Bowser (Joshua's favorite.  Why?  "Because he breathes fire.  That's pretty cool don't you think?" How boy.), the bullet, Toad, and a bunch of others who I don't know the technical name.  The tree topper?  Will be the star power, of course.  They are all made of felt with a yarn loop. 

Now, the plan is.  Christmas Eve - Joshua falls asleep in our room.  And we re-decorate his room to a what else? Mario theme.  And the ornaments will then go onto a bunting I am making. 

Making.  That reminds me -- I'm making the whole room.  <CRAZY>  I don't like characters (see previous post) so if I'm going to have one -- it better be cool.  Old school Mario. 

Today I did one of the pillow cases.  After I type this up then I will make a green Luigi one to match.

The green one is the same but with a 'L'.  Pillow cases are so easy to make and quick!  And perfect for quick bedroom updates. {Please ignore the fact that my M is not centered perfectly.  The L pillow will have to go on top!}

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Made It Monday - Etched Glasses

Happy Monday! 
I'm so excited!  Our first Made it Monday! WOO HOO! :)

All the men in my life are getting these mugs for Christmas.  Aren't they great?  I have never etched anything before.  It was so easy.  And cheap.  And quick. 

So quick that I did all of these glasses tonight.  In about an hour and a half! 

Yup.  20 glasses.  Hour and a half.  For $25.  And for all you math majors out there --- that is a set of 4 personalized cups for each person for $5!!!! Can't beat that with a stick!

I actually got the glasses at the Dollar Tree.  I know.  I was shocked too.  Because these are nice, very heavy glass mugs.  For $1 a piece!  So I bought 20 (the cart was filled, they looked at me like I was crazy.  I tried to explain Christmas gifts and they looked at me like I was even more crazy.  Apparently only crafters start making gifts ahead.)  I need to go back because I need 30 more!! Maybe I'll hit up a different Dollar Tree. :)

Put a business name (These are for my dad.  He owns his own art gallery in Louisville.  If your in the area you should check it out!  Tim Faulkner Gallery!  Gotta add my little plug in there!) :)

Do first and last name. 

Or simply the first. 

Come back tomorrow to see exactly how to etch glass.  I promise -- soooo easy! 

I will have to take pictures closer to Christmas.  I plan on making 4 'manly' snacks and packaging one in each mug.  I think it will look pretty darn cute manly. :)

I've got some great projects I think this is going to lead into!  Talk to you tomorrow!